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Client: Adidas

I had the pleasure of illustrating an in-store mural for the grand opening of Adidas new store at Sherway Gardens Mall. 
Agency: BigHQ

The final illustrated work is an 99” by 99” mural inside of Sherway’s new Adidas location, and pays tribute to the unqiue landmarks along of Toronto’s waterfront.

The mural at full size, installed on the wall of the Ladies Althetic wear Department on opening day.

In the spirit of Adidas’ committment to sport and play, we wanted to feature many of the activities found along Toronto’s waterfront.

As someone who enjoys seasonal clothing trends, it was a of fun to integrate original Adidas designs into the assets, including the active wear trends above and shoe designs below.

It was a treat to have the illustration printed onto totes by Toronto-based printers Peace and Cotton as part of the weekend-long grand opening event.

Working with the creative team at Big HQ was a joy. We moved quickly from concept to reality, beginning with some of the sketches below.


Alysha Dawn is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario where she shares a studio with a calico cat named Fran. She originally studied Graphic Design and then moved on to receive her BAA in Illustration. Her work has been featured in the American Illustration Archive.

Everything Alysha creates has a unique personality. Though she enjoys simplicity, Alysha is also passionate about detail in her work, ensuring that the viewer can discover something new with every glance. She has a passion for bold shapes, bright colours, and zooming in on very busy environments to find the humour or seriousness within a scene.

What you can expect when working with her: A new project begins with a thoughtful brainstorming, sketches, and research as she establishes a concept for the product or illustration. Her designs are then ready to be fleshed out in a medium that best suits the brief (including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, and other traditional methods). You can be assured that all projects will be completed within the timeline.

She currently spends a lot of her time in her studio working on new projects, cooking, vintage perusing, crafting, and finding weird pebbles on long walks. She would love to work with you next. Email her with any inquiries you have or just say hi!

Previous Clients: Adidas, Uniqlo, Bissell, Princeton University, Rogers Centre, Target, Indigo, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Metrolinx, Shoppers Drugmart, Winners, Marshalls, Walmart, Thermos, Winkreative, and many more.


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